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Most projects that we undertake will firstly involve a structural survey of the property followed by a design process with the client to finalise the proposal. The project would then typically require planning permission and then building regulations approval. Planning has a determination period of 8 weeks and Building Regulations 5 weeks for a full plans submission. The project would then be tendered before starting on site with the contractor. The works would then be inspected by Building Control and the architect before a completion certificate is issued. Typically projects can take 6 months from appointment to starting on site.

Depending on the type, size and location of the proposal the works may require planning permission otherwise they may comply with permitted development, however be warned, permitted developments rights are not as straight forward as most believe so it is always best to ask for us to consult on the proposal. We always recommend submitting a Certificate of Lawfulness for any project that falls under permitted development as solicitors will ask for this when you come to sell the house. Most new build estates do not benefit from permitted development rights and many other older properties have protections on existing garages stopping them from being converted. From a free consultation we can identify whether or not the proposal requires planning permission.

The south of England is the area in the UK which has the highest construction cost, far exceeding London. Cost per square metre are therefore hard to gauge so we tend to look at recent similar project costs. In our experience the typical construction cost for a single storey rear extension to create a new open plan kitchen/dining with up to finishes starts at around £120k - £140k. Two storey extensions typically start around £180k - £200k.

Any works that involve changes to a structural element, insulating element or electrics or plumbing of a building will require building regulations approval. That covers everything from replacement windows to a new dwelling.

By working locally we have a large list of contractors and suppliers that we work with regularly. When it comes to tendering a project we can recommend contractors and suppliers we have worked with before. Via our recommendation, you then have the peace of mind that those contractors will do a good job and will comply with their relevant duties under the building regulations.